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Beekeeping is a very particular production activity and is based on the production of different products such as honey but also royal jelly, pollen, propolis...

This activity requires a precise expertise to know how to balance production, health and respect of the bee and its environment.

More and more, hive ownership is no longer limited to professionals. Recreational beekeeping is becoming more and more prevalent. It is important to have a basic knowledge of beekeeping to be able to manage the health and production of bees.

The bee is threatened by multiple infectious agents (bacteria, virus, parasite, protozoan, fungus...) but also environmental (cold, drought, famine, pesticides...). The management of the varroa parasite (Varroa destructor) is essential whatever your activity or the number of hives you have.


There are many techniques and protocols to fight against this parasite:

  • Chemical means: dripping, sublimation, lanyard...
  • Biotechnical means: caging of queens, removal of male brood...

Whether you are a professional or a private individual, you can ask your veterinarian specialized in beekeeping for an expertise and a sanitary assessment of your apiary(s) to improve the health of your bees and prevent diseases as much as possible.

Indeed, an inventory of the different pathologies present as well as a varroa count are recommended to best approach the different honeydews as well as the wintering. Do not hesitate to ask your Nac veterinarian for advice.

Exotic Vet Care is still in NAC'tion!